Douglas M. Bryce - The Plastic Troubleshooter Douglas M. Bryce is a recognized plastic troubleshooter authority with experience of more than 45 years in the plastics industry, specializing in the area of thermoplastic injection molding. His knowledge of materials, product design, tool design and construction, and the molding process itself, is unsurpassed in the industry. He holds many patents and awards, is the author of the best selling Plastic Injection Molding series of books and the SPE's Thermoplastic Troubleshooting For Injection Molders. He has also authored and published the Troubleshooting Guide For Injection Molders and has developed an interactive CD and online seminar based on that book. He has been a major contributing author to a variety of trade magazines and journals. He is the inventor of the popular RousterBout portable waterline descaling system.

Mr. Bryce is the founder of Texas Plastic Technologies, a plastic engineering consulting firm (http://www.texplas.com) and is its Chief Consultant. He is also founder and President of International Plastic Laboratories And Services (IPLAS). This Internet-based company (http://www.iplas.com) provides plastics-related publications, specialty products, and services for the plastics industry. He has worked for companies such as IBM, Exxon, and Shakespeare Products, and has owned three molding shops during his career. He is an active member of the Society of Plastics Engineers and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and resides with his family in the Hill Country of central Texas. You can contact him by email at dbryce@texplas.com

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