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A Guide For Injection Molders
This is the comprehensive industry standard for understanding and solving plastic injection molding problems. (Hardcover Version).
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Written By Industry Expert

This 200 page Guide was written by plastics training expert and Certified PIM Troubleshooter Douglas M. Bryce and includes detailed information for troubleshooting such as proper mold-venting practices, the role of the operator, understanding materials, and recommended melt and mold temperatures for trouble-free molding. Also includes a glossary of common terms used in the plastic injection molding industry.

Section Of Molding Defects

In addition, there is a separate section defining the 23 most common molding defects along with full color examples for each and detailed information of what causes those defects and how to correct them.

Start Reducing Scrap Immediately

The "Troubleshooting Guide For Injection Molders" will start saving you money immediately by reducing the scrap you are producing and optimizing your molding processes, no matter what size your molding facility is, and no matter where it is located.

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Troubleshooting Guide for Injection Molders Hard Copy