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An easy software program that allows quick estimates of what a mold would cost for producing plastic injection molded products.

An easy software program that allows quick estimates of what it would cost to produce an injection molded product.

A listing of PDF eBooks useful for those involved with, or simply wanting to know more about, plastic injection molding (PIM)

Information regarding procurement of our plastic injection molding consultation services, focusing on the process, the tools, the equipment, and the materials.

A simple explanation of what happens during the injection molding process.

A discussion of how to determine the proper melt temperatures to use for specific materials to be injection molded.

A discussion of how to determine the exact mold temperatures to use for injection molding specific materials.

A discussion regarding how much venting to use for injection molds and how to construct the vents.

The proper methods to use for installing injection molds to ensure safety and ideal processing conditions.

Valuable Troubleshooting Resources


Clamp Bolt Torque

A downloadable chart displaying the recommended torque for various SAE hex bolt sizes used to mount molds to the platens.

Chemical Resistance Chart

A chart depicting basic properties, chemical resistance, and maximum operating temperature for the most common plastic materials.

Balanced Runner System

A discussion of how to balance a runner system in a mold. We also compare the original definition, to the modern definition.

Adjusting Mold Clamps

The proper method of adjusting mold clamps to ensure personal and machine safety.



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Benchmarking Process

Should you "Benchmark" your company or department? Maybe not the way you think.

Understanding Materials

Information about the properties and structure of thermoplastic resin materials.